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2015 Hobonichi Techo

I’ve gone a little office supply, pen and notebook crazy over the last year. It really started when I stated using Bullet Journal.  One of the favorite items that I have bought during that time was a Hobonichi Planner Book. It’s one of those products that is obviously a labor of love for the people who craft it, and there are numerous delightful details.  Next year’s book goes on sale on September 1st, and if you are at all interested in this sort of thing, I recommend reading this really well done overview post over at Pen*Paper*Ink*Letter.  It includes some great images of the product, covers, and packaging.

Drone Photography

This weekend, I was reading Twitter, minding my own business, when I ran across this tweet by Nick Bilton. It had this picture taken from a drone attached to it.

drone picture


I saw this picture, and I was intrigued. A longtime lover of photography, I am really interested in the perspectives you could capture with a drone that you wouldn’t normally be able to capture without a helicopter, or even without a helicopter.  As I do, I started searching for more information about using drones for photography, and discovered a few sites/posts with some great information.  First, this post on the National Geographic web site.  Later, I found which seems to be a very actively maintained blog with some really striking drone photography on it.  It also features this awesome getting started guide.  If you are at all interested in this stuff, this seems like the page to bookmark to get started.

I have gone ahead and ordered a practice drone.  Before I spend too much money on this, I want to be sure that it’s something I enjoy doing, and that I can actually fly one of these things.  Even the bare bone drones plus a GoPro camera will end up setting you back a thousand dollars.  Although it looks like rentals are going to be available soon, keep reading.

A couple of days later, Jason Kottke posted this Drone selfies post and the web exploded with drone photography interest.  The drone selfie video, which I have embedded below, was take at the same time as the shot above that Nick Bilton posted to Twitter.  It seems like this meme has exploded in the last few days, this led to more drone selfies, or dronies.  Personally, I am more interested in taking high quality stills from unique perspectives than the videos, but I probably will reconsider once I have gear.

Amit Gupta, who took the Drone selfie below, has added Drone Photography gear rental to his awesome photography gear site, Photojojo.  Go here to check that out and sign up for more information.  Looks like they are launching on May 15th.  There’s also a great guide to “How to take a perfect Dronie” on that page.


Bernal Hill selfie from Amit Gupta on Vimeo.


New Evernote Business Moleskine

UnknownEvernote and Moleskine have released another entry into their lineup of co-created notebooks.  Aside from the nicer cover than the previous offering, which was my only real complaint with them, this one has some particularly interesting additions.  First, there’s an area, pictured above, where you can take notes that are only for you, allowing you to share notes from meetings, while keeping some notes that aren’t meant to be shared.  Second, there’s a check box in the corner of each page, and, if it’s checked, Evernote will set a reminder when you capture that page with the Evernote app.  This has a ton of possible useful applications.  I’ve been constantly trying out new notebooks as I continue to evolve my own personal version of Bullet Journal, and I guess this one is next.



Cover purchase

Cover which is the lock screen I currently use on my Android phone, got purchased by Twitter today. Cover’s neat trick is letting you peak into apps from the lock screen. This follows the purchase of Aviate by Yahoo! earlier this year, which I also was actively using. I guess this makes me an anecdotally good indicator.

The main subject of posts about this purchase seems to be speculation about what Twitter might want with a lock screen utility company. I think that’s a fairly obvious, Twitter updates without unlocking your phone.