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My Quick Take: Vesper, Adieu

What went wrong was very simple. We never made enough money.

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I really like(d) Vesper, but it never stuck for me. I was a day one user, mainly because I am huge fan of all three of these guys, and also consider their QA lead an internet friend.

I don’t know what they could have done differently, especially with only three of them, I do think that, for their core audience, there are three platforms that matter:

  1. mobile/iOS
  2. Desktop Mac
  3. Web

I think to be successful in the market segment they were in, you need to have solutions for all three. Other solutions, like Apple’s Notes app and SimpleNote, while they might not be as elegant as Vesper, win based on the utility on multiple platforms. That’s why Vesper never stuck for me. Having said that, even Evernote, which appeared to be a juggernaut in this market, are having their own issues with a subscription business model.

Only Brent, Dave and John know for sure, but from my outsider’s view, this was a part time job for all three of them. I suspect that if even one of them had made this more of a full time job, it might have generated perspective and possibly drive to succeed. Just guessing on that bit, and I could be completely wrong.

I’m currently using Apple Notes as my primary phone/tablet/desktop text tool. iCloud sync has worked great for me.

ELEAGUE Season 1 in the Books

ESPN: What ELeague got right, wrong in Season 1

I don’t often post about work related things to my site. I’m averse to getting in trouble for expressing work related opinions on my personal publishing, and I have a lot more to lose than gain in that department.

ELEAGUE has been a very interesting ride for me, particularly because I was literally the first person working full time on esports at Turner.  I may be able to write more about that ride at some point, but I have to say that I’m really proud of what we accomplished right out of the gate. We’re not perfect, but we’re constantly learning, and will be better each time we do this.

Here’s an infographic with some of the consumption numbers:




Link Blogging Again

I am link blogging again over at

You’ll likely find more posts from me over there than on this site.


TextExpander goes Subscription Model

TextExpander from Smile Software is one of those indie apps that feels like it’s been around forever. TextExpander has saved customers countless hours of typing by letting them define short abbreviations that it expands into longer snippets of text. Today, Smile released TextExpander 6 for Mac, TextExpander 4 for iOS, and even an all-new Windows […]

Source: TextExpander Updates Focus on New Service – MacStories


Trying to not overreact to this. Not sure this is worth $60/year to me. Going to look into alternatives.

Software Vs. The World


I love this t-shirt from the Brooklyn Computer Club. Added to the varsity t-shirt rotation. 



New Apple TV Ad

I really think this is one of the best ads Apple has ever done.

Nock Co. Sinclair Thoughts


Since reading Matthew’s review, I decided to jot down a few thoughts on this item as well. I’m not sure when Nock will make it available to regular people via their site, but well, home field advantage. Update: These are going live at Noon today, November 30th, 2015. 

I picked up one of these cases in waxed canvas a few weeks ago when Nock Co. had a booth at a pop up shop for American made goods at Ponce City Market here in Atlanta. Like Matthew says in his review, this thing is boss. I like mine so much that it’s become a permanent part of my backpack load out, and I think I want to pick up a second one.

I have been using Field Notes for my Bullet Journal pursuits for the last few weeks, and so this is a good match, I keep a couple of recently filled notebooks, and the next one I am going to use.  I have been carrying three pens, each with a different load out.

I also keep a few Frictionless Capture Cards tucked in.  Sadly, they went out of business, and once my current supply of these cards is gone, I will probably move on to these Nock Co. DotDash Cards.

I’d read or heard, I think on the Pen Addict podcast, that the case doesn’t quite hold an iPhone 6 Plus, but mine actually does hold one and zip up. That’s actually why I think I might pick up a second Sinclair case, as I have a work 6 plus that I keep in my daily carry backpack monstrosity. Here’s a shot of my 6 plus tucked into the Sinclair.


I’m totally sold on this case, and highly recommend it. Nock Co. makes really high quality product right here in Atlanta, and I’ve never had any issues or been disappointed with anything I have bought from them. I think I might grab a couple of zipper pulls from them after seeing Matthews configuration, but otherwise, this is the perfect carry for my Field Notes, Word Notebooks, and three pens, which is the most I really would use anyway.

I’d also love to see one of these in a larger size that was designed to hold a Hobonichi Techo. There’s such a lack of good cases that are meant to hold the Techo, and it’s gotten more popular. Seems like a real market opportunity to me.

Yoda Origami

Origami, Gonzalo Garcia Calvo

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An Ancient Chinese Ginkgo Tree Drops an Ocean of Golden Leaves

This towering ginkgo tree is located within the walls of the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple in the Zhongnan Mountains in China. Every autumn the green leaves on the 1,400-year-old tree turn bright yellow and fall into a golden heap on the temple grounds drawing tourists from the surrounding area.

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Some thoughts on the L16 Camera


The L16 from Light, pictured above, is all over the web this week. You can reserve one at a reduced price by putting $199 down by November 6th. It’s an Android based, slightly-bigger-than-phone sized camera that looks to replace DSLR cameras by utilizing an array of  cheaper and smaller cameras carefully orchestrated by software.

I’m a sucker for things like this in the gadget space, but I am having a hard time convincing myself to put down the money now for something I won’t get until Summer 2016. All this without an chance to try the device myself, or even have someone I trust with hands on experience vouch for it. The movie in the Core77 article provides a little additional information, but I think i will be debating this until the November 6th deadline.

I have been debating selling my whole Canon DSLR setup of late. I am not using it nearly as much as I used to. I wonder if I wouldn’t be better off with the smallest nearly equivalent camera.

Source: Game-Changing Product Design: Small L16 Camera Replaces an SLR and a Bag Full of Lenses – Core77